Oral irrigator Cordless with 77 ml capacity Oral irrigator Cordless with 77 ml capacity

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Oral Irrigator Cordless Tooth Cleaner Rechargeable Tooth Water Jet 77ml Tank Capacity Portable Travel

Q1: Do I still need to brush my teeth when using an oral irrigator?
A1: The toothbrush can keep the surface of the teeth basically clean, and the oral irrigator can clean all the hidden parts of the gums, pits and cracks, and cavities outside the surface. Therefore, the oral irrigator must be used with a toothbrush
Q2: Will my gums bleed the first time I use the oral irrigator?
A2: Bleeding in the gums when using an oral irrigator for the first time means that the gums are inflamed. When you use it for a week, you may find that the bleeding has been greatly improved, and sticking to it can effectively improve the health of your gums.
Q3: Can I add other liquids to the water tank?
A3: You can add ordinary mouthwash to the dentifrice tank, and it is recommended that the addition ratio should not exceed 1:1. If you need to paint the water tank thoroughly with clean water after use.

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