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MR Abstraction & Review

Electronic Health Records and billing submissions are critical resources in health data aggregation. In some case however, data isn’t captured using these methods and we must dig deeper. The MR Abstraction & Review evaluates care services according to the utilization and timely and effectiveness of safe and appropriate care. The medical record is measured by clinical informatics professionals against select clinical quality measures and quality program criteria.
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Clinical Quality & Data Analysis

The Medical Record Review evaluates the quality of healthcare services through the application of medically proven care along with the utilization, timely and effectiveness of safe and appropriate care.

The medical record is measured against applicable criteria and, depending on clients needs, analyzes:

    Rate of compliance
    Organizational strengths
    Individual provider strengths
    Standing in comparison to other organizations
    Benchmarking opportunities
    Opportunities for improvement

CMS Solutions also submits data through sources required transmission process.

Mock Medical Record Review

CMS Solutions’ team of experienced reviewers, which include Certified Content Experts and skilled healthcare professionals, complete an assessment of a sample of medical records. The analysis compares the organizations documentation practices against regulatory or accrediting agency criteria to determine the rate of compliance. A comprehensive report of our findings is provided upon completion.

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100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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