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CMS Solutions is a healthcare quality consulting firm that offers healthcare performance metrics, quality improvement and management, and provider support services designed to enhance the quality of patient care, generate accurate data to help determine the current state of care delivery, and garner reimbursement, rewards and recognition due to providers serious about providing quality healthcare.

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Who We Serve:

We are pleased to serve all providers small and large; individually-owned or hospital owned; primary care or specialty practice, local and country-wide. Click here for some of our well-known and larger providers displayed below.interesting about your business that sets it apart from others in the same industry.
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Our Team

Our team of professionals cultivates a collaboration that enables us to comprehensively meet our clients’ needs.


CMS’ Team Consists of:


•       Health Services Administrator

​•       Medical Director

•       Project Managers

•       Project Coordinators

•       Nurse Auditors/Reviewers

•       Clinical Abstractors

•       IS Analysts/Technicians

•       Legal Counsel

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100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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Nationwide delivery