Provider Support Services


CMS Solutions offers Provider Support Services that bolsters the efficiency of any healthcare organization. Reduce time-consuming staff functions while improving return on investment.

Skilled, scalable contact center, medical transcription, medical record fulfillment, and claims denial management. Executed but skilled and certified staff, managed by healthcare professionals.


With all of today’s technology, a patient’s most important touch point remains a telephone call. 


Transitioning to electronic records, no time for EHR entry or need records transcribed, CMS Solutions offers HIPAA compliant, quick turnaround medical record entry.

Medical Records Fulfillment

Be it requests for documents or data abstraction, CMS Solutions Medical Record Fulfillment, managed by healthcare professionals,  executes HIPAA compliant release of information with quick turn around and usually At No Cost to the provider.

Claims Denial Management

In-depth expertise and years of experience are at our clients’ disposal. Understanding there are common errors and at times less common but costly causes for denials, CMS Solutions offers claims management services that are custom to your organization.

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