PCMH Simplified Consulting

CMS Solutions offers custom PCMH Practice Transformation consulting and facilitation according to client’s goals and each practice site’s needs. CMS Solutions has 100% Recognition rate for its clients. Recognized practice sites are eligible to receive quality incentive payments from participating payors.

CMS Solutions offers a number of consulting solutions from basic guidance with our PCMH Project Manager to comprehensive project facilitation. All of CMS Solutions PCMH Simplified Consulting options include your PMCH Project Manager and electronic support from our Certified Content Experts. Depending on need, providers have options of various solutions for successful facilitation of PCMH Recognition.

PCMH Technical Assistance

Get expert PCMH technical advice from PCMH Certified Content Experts

CMS Solutions offers Technical Assistance by PCMH Certified Content Experts. Technical support ranges from electronic messaging to live consultations.

CMS Solutions’ offers comprehensive and multifaceted PCMH training. Our intuitive training includes in-depth review of NCQA’s six PCMH Concepts:

  • Team-Based Care and Practice Organization (TC)
  • Know and Manage Patients (KM)
  • Patient-Centered Access and Continuity (AC)
  • Care Management and Support (CM)
  • Care Coordination and Care Transitions (CC)
  • Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement (QI)

Organizations may opt for Simplified Training one or all concepts.

Training is offered in different methods:

  • Training Modules
  • Live training
  • Recorded Training

Our PCMH Training Modules include:

  • Trainer’s kit,
  • Trainee module,
  • Required evidence,
  • Samples, and
  • Resources.