Legal Medical Record Review


CMS Solutions provides our legal clients with a comprehensive review and analysis of medical record contents and omissions. We are particularly skilled at identifying key information, especially when dealing with records high in volume. Our legal medical record reviews also focus on adherence and deviations from standard care and provides potential implications.


Cost Effective

Quick Turnaround




Proficient Expertise



Service Features

  • Medical summary (incl. timeline) and chronological report,
  • Identification of medical record omissions, tampering, inaccuracies
  • Identification and recommendation of potential defendants
  • Research and inclusion of literature, standards, and practice guidelines into case analysis
  • Identification and review of relevant medical records, facility policies and procedures, bylaws, billing records, essential documents of discovery, tangible items for case development
  • Consultation with healthcare providers
  • Onsite medical record reviews
  • Organization, tabbing, and pagination of records