Healthcare Data & Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics (HDA) provides solutions for reporting, measuring performance, clinical and business data analytics, population management, quality improvement and leveraging healthcare data.

CMS Solutions Quality Improvement Management (QIM) activities for programs such as  Quality Payment Program (QPP) and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) begin with our Healthcare Date & Analytics.

An organization cannot manage or improve what they cannot measure.

Many clinical quality reports only rely on health plan claims data. CMS Solutions also directly leverages provider’s records, which enables a more comprehensive quality measurement. This enables capturing of data of providers who are partially electronic or have some documentation not entered or maintained in a structured format, which allows broader participation for providers who are using paper charts, are not fully electronic or have vital documentation not captured or exportable in the electronic record.

Population Management

Care Management

Care Coordination

Clinical Quality Measures

High Risk Groups

Find & Close Gaps

Utilization Management

Nationally-Endorsed Measures




Best Use of Your EMR

Most EMR vendors do not have the clinical expertise to provide the support required to optimize use of your electronic health records. CMS Solutions assesses your use of the EMR and where necessary, consults with your vendor to ensure the most efficient use of the product.

  • Documentation Practices

  • Using and Creating Structured Fields

  • Enhanced Workflows

  • Flags and Reminders

  • Evidenced-based Approaches to Care

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